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We integrate the best download manager with the top most web browsers.


uGet is an Open Source download manager application for GNU/Linux developed with GTK+, which also comes packaged as a portable Windows application.

Google Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, Opera & Mozilla Firefox

The fast, secure, and free web browsers built for the modern web. uGet Integration extension is available for all these browsers.

Linux & Windows

This project is an attempt to fill the gap in download accelerators available for Linux. However, setup for Windows is available for people using uGet in Windows.


Requires Python 3.4 or latest and latest uGet (2.0.8 or latest)


Ubuntu and its derivatives


Install via Arch User Repository

Any Linux Systems

Manual installation for all browsers


Setup for Windows


Currently available features of uget-chrome-wrapper

  • Browser Integration

    Accelerate all your downloads

    uGet Download Manager with aria2 plugin accelerates the downloads equal to IDM & XDM. With uget-chrome-wrapper all you need to do is simply clicking on the download links. You can right click on links and download with uGet even if the extension is temporarily disabled by you.

  • Skip uGet

    Prevent uGet from interrupting

    Sometimes downloading using the browser is a prefereable option. In such case press and hold the Insert key to prevent uGet from interrupting your download. To temporarily disable & enable uGet Chrome Wrapper, use Ctrl + Shift + U.

  • Downloading youtube videos?

    No you can't but still you can

    If I provide Youtube downloader along with the extension, Google will black list the extension from Chrome webstore and which will make installation more complex. There are experts like Savefrom.net in grabbing Youtube download links; uget-chrome-wrapper can grab from them ;-).

  • Filter URLs

    Exclude URLs using keywords

    This is another form of skiping URLs from being interrupted by uGet Chrome Wrapper. Provide keywords separated by comma in Exclude URLs containing: box. uGet will let your browser to hanlde URLs containing any of those keywords.

  • What else?

    This is just the start of the journey

    I develop this project as one of my leisure time project and I will continue to add more features. However, please forgive me for the slow development lifecycle due to my busy schedule.

  • This is
    I have


A FOSS fanboy whose hobby is developing software



If you find any bugs in uget-chrome-wrapper, please report them @ GitHub.